Commission a portrait or fine art painting.

Upon being commissioned, a consultation will be scheduled so Ms. Warner can better understand what the client would like to achieve.
Along with meeting and getting to know the subject and location, she can answer any questions relating to procedures, pricing, mood, location, and dress.

The photography session is the next step. This is either to be on site, or at the client’s choice of locations. Ms. Warner then spends hours editing down the photos to choose a small number of only the best. She may work from a number of photos to find just the right lighting, hands, expression and mood, putting them all together for the final selection and review by the client. This process can often be completed though e-mail and telephone conversations. After completion, the portrait will be delivered or shipped and presented to the client.

If existing photos are used, they must be reviewed by Ms.Warner to see if they have the quality to be good reference for a painting. Because of copyright laws, any photograph not taken by the clients themselves , must have written permission from the photographer who took the photo before the commission can begin.

Fees do not include framing, travel, or shipping expenses. A deposit of $500.00 will insure a place on the artist’s portrait calendar. At the photography session a deposit of ½ is paid and the final balance is due upon delivery of the finished painting

Fees for portraits of people start at $3,500.00 and up.

Fees for animals start at $495.00


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