My Workshops 2015

My Cheap Joe's Workshop    "Photoshop for Artists"  July 6-10, 2015


There has been some confusion to exactly what we will be doing at this workshop.
Maybe I can explain it better.  We will be painting and preparing your work to paint. You will have a short photography session, because having the strongest reference material makes for a stronger work of art. 
You will be learning how to use photoshop to aid in your everyday painting (I have taught a 75 year old who had never used a computer before to use this process). 
You will be able to use this process in any color medium. I will be working in oils, but I have extensive experience with watercolor, acrylic and years of pastels.  It doesn't matter really what color medium you use. I just happen to love oils.
We will be working on our paintings (or drawing if we are working in pastels).  This is NOT a class where you paint with the computer to create computer art.  You will be learning to use photoshop as an aid in your traditional art. You will be able to design, scale and view your reference material instead of using thumbnail sketches and tracing paper. But we will be painting too.  
You will be learning to set your reference material up on a large computer monitor so you can see what you are painting better than you ever have....and believe me, you will never want to go back to working from snap shots! You can see the beautiful vivid colors directly from your own digital photography.  No more bad colored prints. 
You will learn to scale your reference so it is the same size as your image on your artwork, so you can measure accurately and site size your image.   This helps with giving you a much more accurate work. You will learn to mix color, value and hue, so you are getting it right and not guessing. You will be mixing the exact color and value you need. 
I will teach you a fast way to discover if it is a drawing or a value problem that is throwing your piece off, so you can correct your work. 
Once you learn this process, every time you work on your piece, you will be building and learning on your own.

Photoshop for Artists Workshop May 2-4, 2014 in Floyd, Virginia

Come learn to use photoshop as a powerful tool to improve your art! 

Class Description: Use the Adobe Photoshop as a tool for creating great traditional art in oils, watercolors, acrylics and pastels. LEARN WHAT MANY OF THE MOST ACCOMPLISHED ARTISTS IN THE COUNTRY ARE USING TO SEE BETTER AND PAINT.  (Note: This is not computer art! This is learning photoshop as a wonderful tool to aid in your traditional painting).

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Mini Animal Portraits

Michele's Mini Animal Portrait samples, all are oil on canvas. 

Michele's Mini Animal Portrait samples, all are oil on canvas. 

This painting of "Ira's Kitty" was painted as a full body portrait. I have cropped it to give you an idea of a cat mini portrait.